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What "Return to Mexico" Means
Across from Brownsville, TX (in Matamoros,
Mexico) is the largest encampment set up by
asylum seekers on the U.S. border.  It is here
that these refugees have been sent by the
Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) of our
government to await a hearing in the U.S. on
whether their asylum request will be granted.  
This wait could take many months.

here to see a video journal of a visit to this
encampment by some members of CTA-RGV.

article from the NY Times describing health
issues created by MPP.
More Information on MPP and Suggestions for
the Weekend of Prayer, Reflection, and Action

Give Us Hearts

God of love and compassion: may we always recognize your spirit:

in the refugee family, seeking safety from violence;
in the migrant worker, bringing food to our tables;
in the asylum-seekers, seeking justice for their families;
in the unaccompanied child, traveling in a dangerous world.

Give us hearts that break open whenever our brothers and sisters turn to us.
Give us hearts that no longer turn deaf to their voices in times of need;

Give us eyes to recognize a moment for grace instead of a threat.
Give us voices that fail to remain silent but which decide instead to advocate prophetically.
Give us hands that reach out in welcome, but also in work, for a world of justice until all homelands are
safe and secure.
Bless us, O Lord...

- Fr. Dan Hartnett S.J.        See more from the Jesuits
Each of us is blind in some way or another and we must work to overcome that blindness in ourselves.
And since we are called to be Christ for others, we are called to help cure the blindnesses in our
society that lead to so much suffering. Our reflection during this special weekend might help us
formulate our response to that call with respect to this particular issue of MPP.
Planning direct help to the asylum seekers is a good start.  The best place to pursue this is with the
Angry Tias and Abuelas (Aunts and Grandmas), see

Bringing information to your communities--your parish and your diocese, your clubs and towns, your
scripture group, etc.

Work to influence the public and the government: Vigils and Protests, letter writing to officials, etc.
Final Notes

Call to Action has created a private Facebook group, CTA Work Group on Immigration and Borders,
that you are encouraged to investigate--simply search for it in the Facebook environment.  If you wish
to join, push the Join button on that page and indicate your connection to CTA (no matter how loose)
in your request.

We realize the information about this particular weekend has been very slow in getting out to the
world, but we hope as many as possible would engage just a bit during this special weekend dedicated
to help bring about the end to this government's horrific immigration policies, particularly MPP.

If you decide to do join in somehow, let us know at