Call to Action-Rio Grande Valley: Organization, Meetings, and Other Details
    CTA-RGV is open to anyone interested in our goals.  We have the standard set of officers and a collection of
    committees which is constantly in flux (see below).
    We meet every month (pretty much) in the home of a member family, and we always begin with socializing and a
    potluck supper.  Each meeting has time set aside for prayer and reflection.
    We do have annual dues and sometimes will pass the hat at special activities.  Since we are an official 501(c)3
    non-profit organization, contributions are tax deductible (and always accepted).

Current Committees (see Activities for current news)
    Protect God's Children
    This is our oldest work and a major priority:  to effect a full, open, and just resolution of the clergy sex
    abuse scandal in the diocese and to continue to call upon the diocesan administration to conduct its
    affairs, particularly its financial ones, with greater transparency and accountability to the faithful of the Rio
    Grande Valley.  For more details, see Protect God's Children.
    Really a committee of the whole, dedicated to combating a problem variously described as "abuse of
    power in the Church," "laity not respected," "everyone is not at the table," "denial of baptismal rights to
    fully participate in the Church," or "a view of the Church that is anti-Vatican II."  This effort is part of the
    JustChurch network of national Call to Action and takes its guidance from the principles of non-violence
    taught by Pace e Bene.
    This group develops our prayers and reflection activities and also directs our efforts in educating ourselves
    about the Church.
    Outreach/Public Relations
    The talented folks who bring you this website (among other things).
    Next Generation
    More of a dream than a reality at the moment, this is envisioned as a component particularly for young
    adults (18-34).
Peace and Justice
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