Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Community
The Holy Spirit Peace and Justice Community sponsors two annual events:  
Affirmation Night gives recognition and thanks to those individuals and groups
working in the areas of peace, justice, and charity and who are bettering the
conditions under which oppressed and low-income persons of the Rio Grande Valley
live and work.  Past keynote speakers include Sister Helen Prejean, Fr. Roy
Bourgeois, Fr. John Dear, Sister Diana Ortiz, and Sister Theresa Kane.  The annual
Way of the Cross through downtown McAllen on Good Friday emphasizes how the
sufferings of  Jesus continue today through the death penalty, war, poverty,
unemployment, AIDS, and inadequate housing.

Other activities of the Communityinclude sponsoring weekly peace demonstrations
and occasional peace marches calling for the end to the war in Iraq,  The Committee
also works with the Valley Coalition Against the Death Penalty which holds a
demonstration and prayer vigil each evening that the State of Texas executes
another human being.
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