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As have other CTA chapters across the country, Call to Action-Rio Grande Valley has
identified as one of its major goals to call upon the local diocese, in this case the Catholic
Diocese of Brownsville, to provide transparency and accountability regarding sexual abuse
of minors perpetrated by priests.  We have actively pursued this issue since 2003 but
have had limited results due, in large part, to Bishop Peña’s lack of public commitment to
bring about full disclosure.  Given the effects and the gravity of sexual abuse of minors, it
is incumbent upon Bishop Peña to actively encourage survivors to come forward and to
hold the perpetrators to accountability:  legal, moral, and spiritual.

As of February 2007, Bishop Peña has publicly reported 7 priests in the Brownsville
Diocese who have had substantial complaints of sexual abuse of minors.  The latter figure
reportedly covers the period from the early 1970’s to 2003.  It is difficult to imagine that
these numbers accurately reflect the extent of the problem.

Since June of 2003, we have called upon Bishop Raymundo Peña to provide the following
information with no results:
    1. How many minors have been victimized, including:
  • The number of complaints
  • The number reported to legal authorities
  • The depositions of all complaints
  • The number of confidential agreements reached with victims
    2. The financial costs, specifically:
  • Settlements
  • Services for victim-survivors
  • Legal fees
  • The medical and psychological treatment of offenders
  • Support given to priests who were put on leave, sick leave, given a new
    assignment or retired as a result of abuse allegations
  • The sources of funds to pay these financial costs should be identified clearly
  • The final cost to the diocese after insurance and other funds were expended
    3. Priest-perpetrators:
  • The number of priests against whom substantial complaints have been made
  • Of this group of priests, the number who are still active in the priesthood
  • The names of all priests who are known to be perpetrators, even those who
    have died.

In the near future, another serious issue, which has yet to be addressed by the church
and our greater community, is the sexual exploitation of adults by clergy.  The United
States Conference of Catholic Bishops has made this a goal to address as well.

As part of our goal in working on full disclosure, CTA-RGV has set up a hot line for
victims of sexual abuse or exploitation by clergy and will provide psychological care
and support of them and their families. You can reach us through this website, or call
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